Folks- it ain't going to be pretty

when that Y2K computer glitch kicks in....


There is going to be panic BIG TIME


a whole bunch of lawlessness and orderlyness and


And that's the reason I'm going to have my Hummer so that I can just drive up to anyones house and fill up my diesel tank

out of their fuel oil tank and keep on a moving to the

next area. With a total electrical breakdown the gas pumps won't be working and I'll have a siphon pump on my


that will take that diesel fuel right out of the ground.

Yep, its quite a site comming at you... All 7,050 lbs and able to go over 16 inches curbs. Those gas Navigators don't hold a candle to the Hummer when it comes to a wreck or getting on through 30 inches of flood water.

I'll definately want mine FLY YELLOW--- so folks will know who I am, when I get round their place.

It will be interesting, with the end of the world comming down, and all the electricity gone..... but the hummer can stop and inflate kids bicycle tires.

Its just such a great truck!

Bruce Cattanach









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