what does anything

mean ?

If we look at the major time line of the earth, we see that the human experience (the totality of homo sapiens existence) is no more than a blink of an eyeball. Well, we need to go beyond that a tad... What I am getting at is this: When you come out your job and notice that someone has put a ding in your car door - well, we all get a bit pee oood about that, right! Sure, but in the grand scheme of things (we'll probably have 4 or more cars in our life) we could get it fixed and during the time you were in at your job maybe 20 people died in car accidents. Yeee ahh! You see it doesn't mean too much.

Now, don't get me wrong I am not a nihilist. Stuff is important. If it wasn't we would just be like Jim Morrison of The Doors whose only possession in life was a pair of black leather pants. Right - He never even owned his guitars!?

What about the thought, for a moment, that immortality is only controlled by the number of people who remember you after you are no longer in the organic form? If that's the case, then probably Adolf and Diana are both now in the company of the forms. [Plato's view of immortality] The constant remembrance will keep them "alive". Of course, if you have been raised as a Unitarian: we simply go to the worms and that is IT.

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This is a picture of the author with an extreme case of CRT tan after sitting in front of his Mac tooooo long!

Notice the appearance of bliss on his forehead and the halo around his hair, but at the same time - wonder why he is wearing a tie under these circumstances. Puzzling for sure. How did this state of consciousness occur and could these conditions be recreated in others. (or is it desirable)


-- Bruce Cattanach








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