There are legal addictions ...

and then

there is the ultimate legal addiction




the brown thick syrup stuff

with exteme amounts of


Have you ever tried to kick? Just decided to not have a cup for a day?

What did it feel like about 10:00 AM?

Yep, you're dealing with the caffeine JONES.


IF you have tried to quit and made it-


you've tried to quit and didn't-


You really don't feel its an issue at all-


JAVA ADDICT about it in an email and

JAVA ADDICT will post your response.

If you have come this far and are so inhibited as to not send an email-- well, go have a cup of mud

and come on back later....


Having started this page a number of years ago I want to finally "REPORT IN"

I've quit.

Its was while on a ski trip in NH. I drank an entire pot of very strong TURKISH coffee and

then went skiing. A total disaster. I couldn't do anything. It didn even wear off over lunch.

I was in the lift line and saw a person I was skiing with and

I actually jumped out of line, crossed



in front of the oncoming chair moving down the mountain (it would have been fatal)

and was chased by the ski operator until I escaped. ( The Java had obviously not worn off)

And that was it. Presidents day weekend 2002.

Check back in six months to see if I am still able to successfully "kick the jones"

Bruce Cattanach aka "java addict"



 It's one day after Presidents day and the blizzard of 2003 is almost behind us. I am now reporting in on how things have gone during my year since quitting the Java.

First of all I did make it. No fall backs or reverts to the addictive substance! It does feel a lot better overall. I have been less jumpy and irritable in the mornings. Generally its a feeling of getting off the roller coaster of up and downs with caffeine and being more in control of myself.

NOW - Hearing all this - please feel to write java addict with your success's OR failures in dealing with Caffeine. As many have indicated - It doesn't count as a failure to have a couple of cups of JOE a day. I know it works for millions of people but it just didn't work for me.


The Readers Check In


I have one or two cups each morning. Period. I roll out of bed and
start the coffee machine. Three years ago I had to leave home early
with my family and was not able to have my java. At 10:00 a.m. I
thought I was going to die. It felt like the hangover Tom Wolff
describes in "The Bonfire of the Vanities", like I had a raw egg inside
my head, and every time I would move the yolk would bang back and forth
against my skull.

I haven't missed a morning's cup of java since.

Tamzon O'Malley


I'm addicted to so much more than just coffee that the caffine seems mile in

Carol "soon to be" Cattanach


I just quite smoking. Don't even think of touching my coffee!

Gary J. Soucy



Actually I came to this site because I thought you were talking about

programming Java. But now that I see you're talking about coffee, I'll give

you my feedback. I drink about 10 cups of coffee per day - in a work week.

On the weekends I drink no coffee but about the same amount of tea. I don't

find myself going through any withdrawals at all - but perhaps because I'm

getting the proper intake of caffeine from my tea (which is supposedly a

higher level of caffeine). So anyway, those are my comments. I don't know

whether or not coffee is the reason I'm up until 1:30 when I have to get up

at 5:30 but, I'm no researcher.

Jackie Goodyear


Quit Coffee?? Why? I've been trying to figure out how to grow the

stuff in J'Vlle.....




I tried to quit coffee cold turkey, got a horrible migrane.  Not worth the pain.  It is my

last vice.  Hope to die with a warm cup in my hand!

Content Hermit




Well, I drink Coke like it's water and I'm a fish, but coffee has never been a huge source of

caffeine for me. I occasionally have some when I'm in the mood. But, I'd have to say, my

brown caffeinated syrup would be Coca Cola!

-Silent Wolf



i don't think i could stop drinking coffee, nor would i want to. although i

have been trying to cut down which was prompted by my boss who mixes

caffeinated and decaf together. tastes all the same to me.



Anyone who has to quit drinking coffee

for any reason, and I stress any reason, must be in a very sad state of

affairs. And no I have never, ever contemplated quitting. Could I? I

really don't know, nor do I care. You see, I have been drinking coffee

since I was 4 years old, not that that is a record. I actually know an

individual who was drinking coffee out of their bottle when a toddler,

now that is a JAVA ADDICT. Back to the point in question, quitting,

ycch, just makes me sick to say it!! I have very few vices left since

my divorce and since I quit smoking my pipe ( another sad state of

affairs, the quitting part that is), so coffee and the occassional (OK

the daily) glass of wine and the bottle or two of ale are it, besides

my morning and evening coffee. Not that I would not drink coffee during

the day, just that the occassion does not present itself too often! So,

as you can see I am a confirmed although far from infirmed JAVA addict.

Gerry T.


I drink 4 or 5 cups of coffee in the morning but now it's decaf. Two months

ago, I started mixing decaf into my regular to ween myself. I kept increasing

the proportion of decaf and two weeks ago, I started leaving the regular out

all together. I've had a headache but nothing unbearable.


Brenda Turner



I have been a tea drinker from a early age, a pepsi drinker from a young boy

and now that I a middle age man I enjoy my 3 cups of Java every morning.

From the words of George Jetson "Jane get me off this crazy thing".


I hope my grammer and spelling is correct I have only one cup of coffee in my

system and I need to wake up.


Dave Mouland



I am addicted but I limit myself to morning coffee only. 3 to 4 cups and then

I am done. Just an AM addiction for me.

Glenn Cattanach