After an extensive search of the WWW for infomation on

Dr Martens boots (also known as Docs , DM's) and having marginal

success I have decided to compile a list of sites and

references pertaining to Doc Martens boots and shoes.

If you have other links and info please email me:

Bruce Cattanach

The most frequently asked question is where to get Docs


Dr. Martens can not be resoled because they are made with

a GoodYear Welted construction- Using HEAT to fuse the sole and boot

together. And that is the bottom line on that.

The Official Dr. Martens site

The Official Site for AirWair - Dr. Martens

If you haven't visited in a while the best place to start your voyage.

A great design and LOADED with information on the boots, culture and the latest.

There are a number of excellent commercial sites on the web which sell

Dr. Martens shoes through the mail.

A really nice location for information on the History, and Sole type, which

originates in the United Kingdom is supplied by


Its a good place to start your

search for info on the famous Docs.

Have you ever stood in a crowd and look at people shoes? Watch a couple of

hundred go by and look for the distinctive stitching. Here in the US the Docs are not

very popular. Maybe elsewhere in the world there are folks that own a number of pairs.

If you know exactly what you want in you latest pair- look no further than

Doc Net.

They have pictures of most of the shoe and some are really different than the

ones you will see in Florsheim!

New information --


John Mackley from the UK writes in --

Were the first pair of Doc
Martens made from tyres?

I don't know the answer, If you do please send a note to John



Tracy wrote in to let me know about her E-Bay site - There are a lot of shoes here - Take a look and see for yourself. She is a rated E-Bay vendor and if you have the interest to bid for your next pair - This is the place to go.

I sell Docs on ebay and I
have at least 50 different pairs up each week. This week I have upwards of
75 different pairs available. Here's the link to see all of my listings:

Take a peek, see what you think.




Valerie Reports in from Michigan-

Chester Boot Shop, Roseville MI, is wonderful and helpful. I probably have
bought at least 10 pairs of shoes/boots from them. They are good people.
Check our their page .

This site IS very extensive- and they have jpgs of a lot of docs! THANKS Valerie!!

A new LOCATION on the net for Doc Martens & some other interesting brands

Along with Dr. Martens they also have Tredair, Monkey Boots, Gripfast and T.U.K

Take a look, as these are very radical designs and if you have a couple pair of Dr. Martens - you may want to investigate these other brands.

Note - the outlet store in Woodbury Commons off the NY turnpike is closed.

Thanks to the annonymous student at Columbia who reported in on this!


A visitor to this site - who wishes to remain anonymous, provided the following great information.


- this is a German site with great pictures of a lot of Doc Martens

- this site has a series of thumbnail photos of various Docs

- looks like the pictures from this site came directly from the Dr. Martens catalog, but still, a decent collection - a small selection of Docs - a small selection of Docs

- a nice site with good color pictures.  This is a store in my "neck of the woods",

which I happen to know has a very good selection of Docs.  If they don't stock it, they can order it

- I've ordered a number of Docs through them!


Some other sites which don't have a lot of pictures, but they do carry Docs:    Abbadabbs - Atlanta, GA    Fashion Nation -Denver, CO     TheFitting Stool - Austin, TX    O My Sole - Santa Monica, CA


Any New Info You Find - will be added !