Description of Content:

The course is offered in 15 weekly sessions. Students are able to access assignments from the course website. Specific elementary school lessons are available on the web as are other information sources on Logo and MicroWorlds. One text and one background book by the inventor of Logo are required. Students will post certain programming assignments to the class web site.

Session 1: Lets Begin ! Introductions. Use the Listserv, Webboard. Load MicroWorlds Software, MicroWorlds Player, FTP software to students personal computers. Print out Bruce Cattanach's LogoWriter lesson plans from the web. Read Papert's Introduction in Mindstorms. Read Introduction in Yoder's MicroWorlds 2.0. See Lecture 1 online.

Session 2: Using the MicroWorlds player. Class to look at programs built by elementary schools students. View through the Web Player. Work on Lesson 1 from Cattanach's plans. See pages 36 - 41 from Yoder's text. Experiment with drawing with computer commands. Read Chapter 1 in Papert. See Lecture 2 online.

Session 3: Lets Program! Work through the assignments in Cattanach's lessons 2, 3 and 8. Share programs built. Look at projects built by fellow students via Webplayer. Read Chapter 2 and 3 in Papert. See Lecture 3 online.

Session 4: Get Techie! Using the procedures page, saving programs and sending to the website. This week we get to do a
lot of techie stuff. Read Chapter 11 in Yoder. Read Cattanach lesson 15. Read Lecture 4 online.

Session 5: Learn more commands! Read Chapter 4 in Mindstorms. Read Cattanach lesson 7, 8, 9. Work through all projects in these lessons. Send one project to the class website. Read lecture 5. Read Yoder pages 17 - 21. Familiarize yourself with the tool bars.

Session 6: Become a Digital Artist (sort of). Read Chapter 5 in Mindstorms. Read Chapter 3 in Yoder. Create a landscape using MicroWorlds - Think of this as the beginning of your programming project. Read lecture 6 online.

Session 7: Add Shapes to Landscapes. Read Chapter 6 in Mindstorms. Read Lecture 7. Read Yoder Chapter 4. Use shapes on the landscape you created last week. Send completed work to the class website.

Session 8: Control your program. Read Chapter 7 in Mindstorms. Read Lecture 8. Read Chapter 4 in Yoder. Make a button call a procedure. Read Cattanach's LogoWriter Unit lessons 12 - 15. See mid course project discription in lecture 8. Send program to website.

Session 9: Write and reflect. Read Chapter 8 in Mindstorms. Read lecture 9. Spend the week writing in response to the question in lecture 9 on Seymour Papert's Mindstorm.

Session 10: Your program takes shape! Read lecture 10 and requirements for the programming project. Begin design work on final programming project..

Session 11: Work and help others! Read lecture 11. Continue to work with the project. Post to web site. View others projects and post constructive feedback to the webboard.

Session 12: Be Selfish - Concentrate on your project! Read lecture 13. Work on personal program.

Session 13: Get rid of those nasty Bugs! Read lecture 14. Continue to work on on personal programming project.

Session 14: Read lecture 15. Post final project to the website. Relax and enjoy !

Session 15: Review other projects on the website. Critique/evaluation of the course.