Required Resources:


Mindstorms, Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas. Seymour Papert. BasicBooks. 1993. ISBN: 0-465-04674-6 $14.00 OR

Introduction to MicroWorlds 2.0 A Logo-Based Hypermedia Environment. Sharon Yoder, David Moursund. International Society for Technology in Education, 1996. ISBN: 1-56484-106-5$29.95

Optional Text: Not required but may be useful for those with previous programming experience.
MicroWorlds 2.0 Hypermedia Project Development and Logo Scripting. Sharon Yoder. International Society for Technology in Education, 1997. ISBN: 1-56484-126-6 $36.95

LogoWriter Lesson plans. Bruce Cattanach. Free !

Computer Systems: Mac: Color computers (LC III or better) 8 MB RAM System 7.0 & higher 640 X 480 resolution Complete install requires 80 MGS of space.
PC: Must have Windows 95/98/NT Operating System 486DX processor (66 MHz or better recommended) 8 MB RAM (16 MB RAM recommended), CD-ROM drive SVGA monitor, 256 colors (High color 16 bit recommended) 640 X 480 resolution (800 X 600 recommended) Complete install requires 80 MGS of space. Sound Blaster sound card or compatible

You should also have Adobe Acrobat Reader - available free at:

Software Required: Microworlds 2.03 for Windows, 2.03 for Mac. This is available through the school for $25.00 plus shipping. Retail price $99.00. From this you will need to install Microworlds Player Plugin on your internet browser. It is available for Explorer or Netscape. The MW player allows viewing of MicroWorlds projects on computers without the MicroWorlds program. Microsoft Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 or higher is recommended for this class.

In order to move your programs to the class web site you will need a FTP Utility. This software will move your program files to the course web site. A number of FTP programs are available for Macintosh and Windows operating systems.