Week 1: Read Lecture 1. Student introduce themselves, use listserv, webboard, install software on personal computer, print out LogoWriter Lesson plans from the internet. Read Mindstorms pgs 3 - 18. Read Yoder pgs 1 - 6.
Homework: Introduction on listserv and comment on webboard.

Week 2: Read Lecture 2. Install MicroWorlds Player. View student made work on the player. Use Cattanach Lesson 1 from plans. Read Yoder 36 - 41. Read Chapter 1 in Papert.
Homework: Post to web board how programming is working.

Week 3: Read Lecture 3. Work through Cattanach lesson 2, 3, 8. Read Chapter 2 and 3 in Papert.
Homework - None to be turned in - work on programming commands.

Week 4: Read Lecture 4. Read Cattanach lesson 15. Yoder pgs 161 - 178. Following directions in Lecture 4 make programs created in lesson three "procedures" and send to the class website.
Homework: Sending programmed procedures to website.

Week 5: Read Lecture 5, Chapter 4 in Mindstorms, Yoder pages 17 - 21, Cattanach lesson 7, 8 ,9. Work with these new commands and create a new program.
Homework: Send your program to the class website.

Week 6: Read Lecture 6, Chapter 5 in Mindstorms, Yoder Chapters 2 pgs 23 - 44. Create a landscape or environment for your programming project.
Homework - None to turn in. These are the beginnings of your final project.

Week 7: Read Lecture 7, Chapter 6 in Mindstorms, Chapter 3 in Yoder pgs 47 - 64. Use these new shapes on landscapes created in week 6.
Homework: Send landscapes with Logo animated shapes to class website.

Week 8: Midcourse Programming Problem. Read Lecture 8. Read Chapter 7 in Mindstorms. Read Chapter 4 in Yoder. Cattanach lesson 12 - 15.
Send Midcourse Programming problem to the website.

Week 9: Read Lecture 9. Read Chapter 8 in Mindstorms. Writing Assignment.
Homework: Turn in writing assignment to listserv.

Week 10: Read Lecture 10 and requirements for the programming project. Begin design work on project.
Homework: None.

Week 11: Read Lecture 11. Continue to work with project. Send rough work to web site. View others and post
constructive feedback to the webboard.
Homework: Post work to website and send feed back to webboard.

Week 12: Read Lecture 12. Work on personal program.
Homework: None

Week 13: Read Lecture 13. Use web board, listserve and class website to post projects, discuss and debug.
Homework: Use all technology tools to aid project completion.

Week 14: Read Lecture 14. Post final projects on web site.
Homework: Final projects due. Post on website.

Week 15: Read Lecture 15. Complete course evaluation form. Evaluate individual projects on webboard.