Lego Mindstorms and MicroWorlds EX Robotics Resource Page

Bruce Cattanach and Gerry Telmosse


The Hardware

Lego Mindstorms Kit

Lego Education PO Box 1707 Pittsburg KS 66762 $199.00

Team Challenge Set #979794 (USB)

The Software

MicroWorlds EX Robotics

LCSI PO Box 162 Highgate Springs VT 05460 $139.00



Constructivist Definition Document


Mindstorms and MicroWorlds EX Robotics Code


Fifth Grade Robots with Programs


EX Robotic Programs from The Lakeview School


Installing the USB Tower


Entire Manual for MicroWorlds Ex Robotics


First Scooter An easy Robot that works well


Lego Help Sheets - How to design helpers


The ART of LEGO A Graphical PDF paper based on the Academic Paper by Fred Martin of MIT


The Art of Lego Design THE academic paper by Fred Martin Programmer of Yellow Brick


First Lego League - If you are ready for a contest environment