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   Welcome to the Movie Page. The movies are in the *.wmv Format. Mac Users - You must have the latest version of Windows Media Player to see the flicks. PC users - yep, you have to have the latest. For best results - Click and save to your hard drive before playing. I have not mastered the streaming format. - Bruce  


  Using the "digital blue camera", an attempt was made to record events from the Robo-Expo April 29, 06 in NYC. Mindstorms Robots take over the 7th Floor gym of the Nightengale-Bamford School.  



   A short. just to check out the capabilities of our "Digital Blue" camera setup. The camera and software together cost $100.00! You'll notice our camera is at one point attached to to the robot. Try that with a Sony!!  


 Better Bow


 At a workshop to learn the Windows Movie Maker software that comes free with WinXP service pack 2, we put together this mini-short. One reviewer said:

"I love how you used shoes and knots as a metaphor for man's inhumanity to man...I was moved! ;)"

-Brian Andrews Director of "Can you hear me now?" release date - late 2005.


 Root Garden 

   An attempt [success?] at an arty short, the film maker takes a look, and provides insight into a strange phenom - The Root Garden  


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