Where you go to SCHOOL does affect


I attended Lakewood High School in Lakewood Colorado. From 1967-1970 Lakewood was a hotbed of reactionary Republicanism which made for some interesting situations- Especially if you had been raised as a Unitarian, experienced LRY (Liberal Religious Youth) attended a War Resister League National Convention and an American Friends Service Committee Work Camp during the summer after your Junior Year.









I applied to Antioch College, Beloit College and my backup- Colorado University - known in Colorado as "BOULDER". I didn't get in to Antioch (which it turns out was really Lucky as the students there went on strike the next year in solidarity with the cafeteria workers and an LSD epidemic swept through the campus.)


 I was accepted to Beloit College in Beloit Wisconsin. They gave me aid, and since I didn't get into Antioch and I really didn't want to go to "BOULDER" I went to Beloit.

Beloit is the sound of a Marble dropping into a Toilet, which is the first thing you learn about the place and I arrived having never seen the campus and I hadn't the slightest idea what the place was REALLY like. It was a little on the weird side- In my class of 500 + students over 100 were from New York and it seemed that most students were from divorced families. I had that in common, but even though I had gone to Lakewood HS and had 700 + on my Verbal SAT's I hadn't the writing training that the kids on my floor from the East Coast Private schools had received. I was WAY over my head but I never knew it and had no option but to continue on and graduate.

Socially the school was on the forefront. Of what I didn't know but a DATE at Beloit ran down like this--

"Are you going to the movie tonight?" If the answer was yes then the reply was - "Great, maybe I'll see you there." This kept the level of commitment low and expectations high.

You could also tell who was NOT on financial aid- They were the kids that had the most patches on their jeans. I always had a fresh pair of 501's, work boots and a buttondown collar shirt. After they went out of style, I had to get them at Brooks Brothers in Chicago. Actually , I had a pretty good time at college especially after my awful high school experience.