BBeloit - The Scene


I had sent my trunk ahead and knew my dorm room was #310 North Hall. After taking the bus from O'Hara airport to downtown Chicago and then taking the bus from Downtown to Beloit I found out that #310 was actually on the women's side of the hall of the co-ed dorm.

I found the Dean of Students and her response was "Well you can at least sleep in your car". I informed her that I didn't have a car. She said to go and have lunch and come back.

It all worked out and I actually got in a better dorm with a better group of students. (Third Floor North was pretty druggy that year).

It was at this time that I discovered food. The cafeteria was great with variety, unlimited quantity and a friendly staff. During my first year at Beloit (a year round trimester) I never missed breakfast. Having been raised on Velveeta, white bread, frozen pizza, cling peaches and dry cereal (a slight exaggeration) I was in Heaven.