There were a lot of things that you could do if you wanted to at Beloit when I was there. Anyone could be on a varsity sports team. I was on the Swimming team the winter of 1970-71. We had 7 guys on the team, which meant that we were mathematically eliminated from winning any meets. Our diver was the person who had done the least that week during workouts. I swam the entire season and only earned one point (a third). I still lettered in Swimming my Freshman year. It was a fun thing to do. We traveled and got out of the frozen ice of Wisconsin.

Beloit also had a boat house with a couple of sailboats. It was on the Rock River a bike ride North of campus. The picture on the right is during one of my sails there.

If you wanted to you could be on the Beloit College radio station, (I never did) or work on the student newspaper. (I never did that either)

I'm sure a lot has changed from the 1970's, yet in the same way -- Beloit is probably the same.


A Gray Stormy Day / The Rock River