How do I get and use Yellow Brick Logo?

Before you embark on this project, please keep in mind that Yellow Brick Logo is not supported in anyway by anyone. If you have a solid background in LOGO / MicroWorlds then you may have the prerequisite skills to move forward.

Downloading the program -

Download from this link:


This will give you a zipped file that contains all the information to use Yellow Brick Logo.

Yellow Brick Logo must have MicroWorlds 2.05 or better installed to work correctly. YBL will not operate independantly of MicroWorlds. To purchase MicroWorlds, contact LCSI at: http://www.microworlds.com

The YBL software should be placed in its own folder

Documentation for YBL is available through the above download or from this link:


Now you are ready to start working!

A school in Dublin has created a fabulous website with better graphics and directions than I ever could. Please take a careful look at the information here from this link:



After reading from the Dublin website you have a great deal of knowledge and are ready to start programming in earnest.

At The Lakeview School Mr. Telmosse and I worked together to design lessons where students would create a hypothesis, test it in real time and real world experiences and record the results.

Mindstorms and YBL thrive in an open ended environment of constructivism and experimentation. Feel free to build and try new things and new ways to program your "Yellow Brick Robot".

If, however, you really need some structure to start with build this Mindstorms Robot - The First Place Scooter These directions are crystal clear; we used this robot for our basic robot to demonstrate gear ratios and then to program our initial programs.

Here is a basic program in YBL-

to move

ac, setpower 8 ; sets power to level 8

ac, this way ; sets engines to same direction

ac, onfor 30 ; turns engines on for 3 seconds

ac, off ; turns engines off

end ; ends program

note: the ";" (semi colon) divides the program from comments in the program. In this program if the engines do not move in the correct direction substitute --->> (ac, thatway) to get the engines turning the correct way.

It also assumes using engines on port a and port c. !!


Keep in mind- Most of true learning is trial and error, and then trying to remember your errors, so you don't repeat them next time!

Good luck and Welcome to Yellow Brick Logo!