Resources, Help, and Information on Yellow Brick Logo

Yellow Brick Logo has many supporters and advocates. A number of excellent websites are devoted to its use.

Here at The Lakeview School we have examples of our fifth grade students work. They design and build their own robot, program it and record the event. Take at look at these interesting Yellow Brick Robots here.


A great proponent and advocate is Mary Karl of Green Bay Wisconsin. Using MicroWorlds and Yellow Brick Logo Mrs. Karl has created a unique program for Gifted and Talented Elementary students. Her fantastic website is a available here.



Another advocate and proponent of Constructionism and Robotic programing is Richard Johns of The Blake School in Hopkins Minnesota. His site is a fantastic collection of original Yellow Brick creations by 5th graders with the YBL code they needed to impliment their ideas. Take look at this great set of Yellow Brick Robots here.


For even more robotic ideas from Richard Johns work at the Blake School look here.


A really nice color chart that contains all the basics of YBL syntax and code is available here in PDF format.



If you master all the commands above and REALLY need more, this link will give you plenty to work with. What may be the complete list of YBL commands



Jim Fuller in Australia has a very informative site. He details what the kits contain, how to work in "immediate mode" and has an extensive list of links to other languages besides YBL, including "NQC" or "not quite C" the invention of David Baum. - Remember, I told you that the commercial success of Mindstorms was Adults buying the Yellow Brick Mindstorms kits!



The First Lego League has a very informative site with construction tips information on its ongoing contest and a wealth of other information. This is beyond the elementary school level and provides an area for students of programming and robotics to move toward.



More information will be added as found. If you would like to add to this page email: Bruce Cattanach at The Lakeview School